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Gabrielle w/ Fulani braids

Gabrielle w/ Fulani braids

Excluding Sales Tax

This Gabrielle unit will sell as is.

24” deep wave w/ 5x5 closure that has been hand braided for Fulani inspired style.

Circumference: small to medium

  • Circumference measurement

    Upon purchasing please make sure your circumference matches the size of this unit to prevent fitting issues.

  • Return policy

    No return

  • Refund policy

    No refund

  • Hair maintenance

    Keep this hair hydrated with leave in conditioner, light oil and or a curling activating system (curling cream, curling moose, etc.).

    Shampoo and condition w/ silicon mix (recommended) or any desired product.

    Brush gently with a wig brush at all times. Be gently with closure as it is delicate and can easily be damaged if handled aggressively.

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