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This is our straight raw texture, giving versatility to curl, or wear in its natural state. Our hair provides 100% longetivty with no tangling and minimum to no shedding. Bleachable.

  • Return Policy and Care instructions

    Please handle goods with care. Use a paddle/wig brush to brush through the hair. Using a small tooth comb will result in detaching the hair strands from the weft and cause thinning. Do not use heavy product (grease, oil, lotion, etc) on the hair. Shine spray or serum is acceptable.

    Washing instructions:

    • Any shampoo is acceptable but silicon mix or sebastian is recommended.
    • Do not scrunge or ball the hair up while washing. Run fingers through the hair in a downward motion to prevent tangling. Follow up with conditioner. 
    • Air dry the hair for better results. Blow drying the hair will cause swelling and the loss of its natural wave/curl pattern

    NO RETURNS or REFUNDS (unless the goods are defected)

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