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HD Frontal 13x4

HD Frontal 13x4

Excluding Sales Tax

Ear to ear raw lace frontal covering the front circumference for versatility and natural hairline

Transparent: see through.

Bleaching of the knots is acceptable.



  • Return Policy and Care Instructions

    Important Info:
    Pros: Bleaching the knots helps make the lace blend with skin tone and creates a natural looking part .

    Cons: Bleaching the knots increases the rate of shedding. Perform at your own risk or seek professional assistance.


    Return Policy: Once the product has been opened and handled, there is no return and no refund.


    Care Instructions: Please care for lace closure/frontal gently. When combing the product, a wig brush or wide tooth comb is recommended to prevent aggressive pulling. It will cause the hairs to pull from the lace and possible baldness. Scratching on top of the lace will decrease the longevity as well.

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