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Planning a wedding and need professional hair assistance? You are at the right place! We not only offer services on the daily basis, we also offer services for your special day! Providing affordable prices for your bridal party.

Whats a wedding without a hairstylist?


Details for future booking

When given a quote please note that it will include the time utilized with the hairstylist as well as the assistant. In some cases, the hairstylist will charge by the hour which can be a bit costly.  We've decided to make the services more affordable by charging per person. For any services held outside of the salon's location, a traveling fee will be applied. For destination weddings, the hairstylist's room and board will be covered upon the brides behalf. A deposit for the bridal party is required upon booking. Below this point is the projected quotes for the bridal party.

  • Bridesmaid

Services for each bridesmaid starts at$150.

  • Bride

Services for the bride starting at $100.

  • Bride's Mother

Services for the bride or groom's mother ranges around the same price of the bridesmaid depending on the desired style.

For any weave installments, its highly recommended that you get pre-prepped a few days prior to the wedding day to spare time and make sure there's satisfaction with your install.

Please contact us for further expectations

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