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4. Bed ways can be tightened or loosened by the push button and the screws. Feeder for small power plants. It can also be used to clean gold by plating the gold in the dredge and conveyor to the body.The surface of the body is corrosion resistant, and it is also easy to welded, thus the advantages of easy to welded, no welding area affected by stress concentration. Due to the large coal force in the body of the dredge, a screen plate is designed into the body. The wire filter screen between the filter bed and the discharge pipe is convenient for the sand of the screen to discharge through the nozzle plate. Peak-to-valley dimensions: 2” x 8” x 10” Powered by a 110 V, 15 A diesel engine. Weight: 50 Kg Height: 110 cm (41 inches) Crown Bucket Dimensions Width (mm) Total Length (mm) Distance from the Discharge Point (mm) Height (mm) X 1 650 1100 500 40 (4) X 2 1250 X 3 1650 X 4 1950 X 5 2240 X 6 2650 X 7 3070 X 8 3600 X 9 4200 X 10 4770




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VertexBd1002 sarober

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